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We offer carbon debits. The superior alternative for credits.

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Carbon Credits

A carbon credit is a tradable permit that represents the right to emit one metric ton of carbon dioxide or an equivalent greenhouse gas.


“Credits can be seen as a loan from nature itself and will only provoke fraud.”

Carbon Debits

Unlike carbon credits, debits provides proof of greenhouse gas (CO2) that has already been absorbed from the environment and not a promise to be absorbed in the future. 

The solution is Carbon Debits

Carbon Debits are awarded only AFTER a tree has already absorbed Carbon Dioxide. This means they are not given out based on a promise of some future action, but on verified proof that it has already been done.


About Us

We combine tech to show exactly where your resources are, both physically with constant updates on the land, geolocated trees, community updates and digitally with a public ledger(alt word for blockchain) to view your and others carbon debit allocations.

We introduce Carbon Debits to businesses that wish to demonstrate accountability to their partners and clients, and believe that it is their corporate social responsibility to manage their environmental impact by offsetting their carbon footprint transparently and maintaining a zero-waste operation.

Carbon Debits provide transparency, traceability and accountability, Carbon Credits do not.

Why Us?

Ready to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet? Our carbon debits provide a transparent and effective solution for businesses looking to offset their carbon emissions.

Carbon Debits allow you to directly support projects that actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through reforestation.

Join us in the fight against the impacts of climate change! take action today by rejecting Carbon Credits and purchaseing Carbon Debits.

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We use the Global Carbon Standard which is audited by Earthood and complies with the The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, this means that it is the highest certification possible and is recognized worldwide.

Carbon reduction certificate

Custom landing page on showing that your company is on the way to carbon neutrality (or fully carbon neutral)

Schedule a call now with one of our team members for a custom plan or more info or start your compensation right now.

Facts & Figures


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Offset Now

$ 106.93
Four tons of CO2 is sufficient to offset the emissions generated from driving approximately 5,700 kilometers by car.
$ 1,176.22
50 tons of CO2 is sufficient to offset the emissions generated by six people in one year.
$ 2,138.58
100 tons of CO2 is sufficient to offset the emissions generated by 100 return tickets from Amsterdam to New York.

Distributing carbon tokens for carbon absorbed in the future can be seen as a loan from nature itself and will only provoke fraud - Jaap Harmsma

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Purchase one or more trees

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